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Deep In

An Angel Resource community

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Deep In is the Live Journal counterpart to the site of the same name.

Members are welcome to post Angel centric fiction, featuring Liam, Angelus, or Angel as the main character. We also welcome and encourage essays aimed at writing better Angel fanfiction, links to new sites or other communities that love our favorite vampire. Art, icons, etc. are also welcome, but please be sure to put anything wider than 400 pixels behind a cut, as well as any fics longer than 200 words or of a graphic nature.

Deep In accepts fiction of all ratings, all pairings as long as Angel is the center of the fic/pairing, het, slash, and character studies. Please mark your own fic with appropriate ratings, and be sure to heed warnings before diving in to other author's works.

If you would like to recommend a fic or site for the archive at Deep In please make a note in your post. I make no guarantees that all fic will be archived, but do promise to read and consider all recced fics.

Site & community mommy: itsabigrock